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Understanding vs. Justification

An hour ago his son’s questions had challenged Solomon, and the king had tried his best to offer words of wisdom and explanation to help his son understand a life situation. Now he was trying to capture the heart of that bedtime conversation in a few pithy statements to add to his book of proverbs he was writing for his …

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Gain/Loss Principle Case Study: Screens

One of the great benefits of the Gain/Loss Principle is the biblical help it can be in non-biblical issues. One of the ways it helped me in the past was whether to use screens during the song service. The use of screens for hymns or choruses is a popular trend that doesn’t have anything to do with one’s doctrine or …

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Training: More Than Just Obedience

I watched ________ grow up in a decent, Christian home with parents who were a vital part of our church. All the signs I thought I wanted to see were there. He always went to camp and usually came home stirred. He rarely missed services. He was compliant the majority of the time. He looked and played the part of a …

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Do Independent Baptists Think?

If my father said it once, he said it more than a dozen times. In turn, members of Bible Baptist Church of Stillwater have heard me repeat the same quote over a hundred times. I am not sure where my father heard it, but the statement has probably influenced my own ministry more than any other outside of Scripture. “There …

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Is Spirit-led Planning an Oxymoron?

Don’t go rushing to to buy the book. It isn’t there. While the book is imaginary, its practice is sometimes reality in many independent Baptist churches. We live in a culture that is actively trying to marginalize churches like ours that dare to proclaim absolute truth. Unfortunately, many of these same churches hand the world additional ammunition by presenting …

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The Sending Pastor

A recent news story claimed Apple Computer now has more money in the bank than the U.S. Government. I’ve followed Apple since my first Mac in 1984, as well as observed American politics from my teen years. Frankly, neither bank balance surprises me. We knew the piper was going to have to be paid for raising the debt limit every …

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Lay Hands on No Technology Suddenly

While an oxymoron usually describes a word or phrase, I’m afraid it’s come to describe me and my partnership with technology. The latest devices with their constant connections have been a real help, although I’m now being tempted to say with David that …mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted…hath lifted up his heel against me. (Psalm 41:9) See, …

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Some of the men who have influenced me most have largely been through accidental friendships, humanly speaking, of course. God knew I needed their influence. I didn’t. Like most preachers, I choose friends who are like me. The closer to my particular beliefs they are, the more inclined I am to like them. I have to thank the Lord, though, …

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A Cautionary Tale for Conservative Fathers, Especially Pastors

I was given a couple priceless gifts recently. They are more precious because at one time I was on track to forfeit them. Here’s the story. These gifts were a couple actions from my two sons, Daniel and Samuel. As a result of some extensive study on technology for the Baptist Times, I preached a couple messages to our church …

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Technology Changes I’m Making

This blog post is a follow-up to the article I wrote in my Baptist Times column dealing with some personal concerns with technology. I say “personal” concerns, not because I am alone in my concerns – actually the number of voices recommending some caution is rapidly increasing – but because I am convinced that what I have studied demands some …

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